Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Little Things ARE The Big Things

Have you ever felt like you were probably the only one that struggled with some of life's basics?  I did too.  It is easy to look at others' lives and feel like everyone else has it all together.  Their home looks company-ready all the time, they are happy all the time, they never have money problems,  and they have the prayer /devotional life of the Apostle Paul!  

But as a friend recently reminded me, if our lives actually looked like what we post on Facebook and Twitter, we wouldn't recognize ourselves!! {wink, wink}

And then I found several bloggers whose honesty about the goals they had for this summer blew a fresh breeze of grace into my life!!  They spoke of the little things that are actually the big things.
  • choosing to be content in the house she never intended to settle into for this long.  
  • conquering one new habit per month--getting up early, making her bed everyday, getting into a consistent morning routine 
  • what goes through her mind when she yells at her kids!  
  • how she shoved the "stuff" out of the way of the picture she took of her home because "no, my house is never that perfect, even on my best days"!  
  • struggles with the mind games of discouragement and inadequacy

You are Not Alone

This truth helps us take a deep breath, doesn't it?  While your struggle probably isn't one on the above list, it is still real.  The list in your mind {or if you have bravely scribbled it on paper} can no longer be your 'list of inadequacies'!  It must change to your 'areas to improve'.  And then it must get shortened to things you can tackle in the next 12 months!  And then, like Sara Mae, work on conquering one new habit  or attitude per month.  How exciting it will be when you can look back and see tremendous progress as you add one new habit each month AND keep up the others!! 

God wants to take you to the next level

And to be ready for that, you have some training to do!  And He doesn't send us to a conference or summer camp to train us.  He wakes us up every morning to a life where we can practice living a real life where we need His grace and truth and strength.  And where the little things really do prepare us for the big things in the Kingdom of God.  

So whether you are single or married, work from home or drive to work, are raising kids or even grand kids, the message is the same for you.   

"The secret to your destiny is hidden in your daily routine. What you're doing daily is what you're becoming permanently.” Jessica Cornelius, Pastor's Wife at Bay Area Fellowship Church

So what ONE habit can you work on for the month of August?  
Join the conversation in the comments below and let us encourage each other with our "next level" training.


Ronda said...

One new habit I am trying is basking in God's love and grace (unearned, unmerited, undeserved). And not be so focused on "keeping" my relationship with Him by what I do. Because I didn't get saved by works and can't be kept by works either. It's a mind-shift, a paradigm shift for me. Sometimes it is seriously easier to be a Martha than a Mary, especially when I'm a mom. My kids love it though, when I just spend time loving on them verses doing their laundry for the 10th time that day (the same clothes too, how did that happen?) And God loves it too when I spend time letting Him love on me, and you know, come to find out, I do too.

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