Friday, July 27, 2012

Need Inspiration?

For so many people, what they "do for a living" is NOT living out their dream.  In fact, for so many people, they have never told anyone about their dream.  It is too personal to risk being rejected.  But the dream is deep in their soul longing to have a place to grow into a reality.
But a dream can only grow if it is nurtured.  And many times the "fertilizer" of dreams is being inspired by someone pursuing their dream.  

Watch the BEST Inspirational video I have found

Today while doing some ministry research {yes, YouTube does provide sermon material}, I stumbled across this video of Susan Boyle's initial performance on "Britain's Got Talent" show back in 2009.  This gave me chills, tears and the giggles as I was inspired to never give up on the dreams in my heart!   I hope it will do the same for you!

Now What?

  • Give your dream it's own time in your day or week   
"Writing happens at 5:00AM when nothing else can interrupt me" Jeff Goins  

So grab a pen and write out a daily schedule for yourself.  And commit to a set time that your dream gets practice. . . practice writing, or playing, or taking pictures, or getting the technique improved.  Whatever your dream, practice so that you are ready when the spotlight shines on you!  Most of all, practice because you love what you are doing, not because you are waiting for your dream to 'bring in the big bucks'!

  • Tell others about your dream 
Yes, some will not support you, but so many others will jump with joy and help connect you to the best resources for developing your dream!  This happened for me and several of my friends when we discovered that we feel called to write.  I feared there would be a competitive attitude between us, but instead there was this exciting rally that happened spontaneously.  We shared what we were learning, what blogs we were following, courses or seminars that we had found, etc.  It took all the fear of failure out of the way.  We believe in each other and thus, we believe in the dream in our hearts!!
  • Find others who can mentor you  
"For most of us, our very best mentors are people we will likely never meet."   Jill Briscoe
This happened for me with this woman.  I have never met her but I have listened to her speak, I read the magazine she produces, and regularly follow the ministry that she and the ladies at her church lead in Wisconsin .  God has used them to confirm the vision that He has given me for WCW every year for the past 7 years!!    
Now with the internet and blogs on every subject imaginable, it is easy to learn from others.  Find no more than 5 really good ones and learn everything you can from them!  If you have questions, go ahead and contact them.  So many are overwhelmed by your support and will gladly answer your questions or give you feedback.  
  •  Don't be afraid to take risks

I watched this played out in the life of a good friend.  The bathroom remodeling business that she had worked at her entire career closed about a  year ago.  Instead of being devastated, Jessica took several weeks to seek God and her own heart about what she would do next.  And then she announced to us that she would pursue her dream of being a photographer!  Talk about a career change.  But you know what?  SHE IS GOOOOD!!!!  Every time I see her latest photo sneak peaks on her Facebook page, I am so totally inspired.  What the world would be missing if she was still working at that old job.  {check out Captured by JMarie here}

  • Lean how to handle success instead of always being prepared for failure!
If your dream came true next week, what would you need to do to prepare for that success?  If it meant that you would travel some (more than you do now), or that you had deadlines to meet, or that you would have to have promotional materials with your image on it, what would you do now?  Don't let success catch you by surprise!  Start living now so that you have a long success rather than a 1-shot-wonder!!
 "The secret to your destiny is hidden in your daily routine. What you're doing daily is what you're becoming permanently.”  Jessica Cornelius

What is Your Dream?  Join the conversation and share your dream here.   


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