Saturday, June 15, 2013

Update on the Beautiful Battle Book Club


This is the word that my GPS says when I missed my turn.  And to say that I have missed my turn on this new book club blogging adventure is an understatement!!  

You see, I just way overcommitted myself for this summer.  Usually I take the summer off to refresh and just slow down for a few sweet months with my family.  But God put the Abounding Hope Bible study AND the Beautiful Battle book on our hearts for this summer.  I believe that God's timing is perfect because He is so faithful to prepare us for what we will face next!

So, recalculating means that I am going to adjust to schedule to something a LOT more realistic for you and me both!  Instead of covering 2 chapters each week (in order to finish this summer), I will be posting about ONE chapter each week.  

So far, we have covered chapters 1-2.  

On Monday, June 17th we will pick up with Chapter 3.  So if you haven't started reading along with us, you have time to catch up.  

And thank you for your patience with me.  I pray that all of us are learning to find a better pace so that we do things that truly matter!


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