Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Habits for a New Year

Some set New Year's Resolutions.  Other's give up something in the New Year.  Other's skip out on all the potential for failure at that new thing.  But a friend of mine gave a brand new perspective. 

There are many habits we should wear.  But none so important as studying God by studying His Word.  

It is more than going to church.  It is being the church.  Not in rows but in circles.  Circles where God is revealed through the holy embracing the every day.  In tender conversation of the new, the true, the powerful. 

And we believe that habits happen easier and last longer when formed in circles.  Yes, Circles are for you!  To know and be known.  To belong to the family of God.  And we have a place just for you.

Online Community Groups are just one of the CIRCLES we will have for you this year.  (more details on other circle-making opportunities coming soon!)


REGISTER NOW for the new session.  (if you are continuing in your same group as Fall 2012, no need to register again.  But if you want to change groups, registration is needed.  There is a limit of 15 per group)

START Monday, January 14th--it is an 8 week session (we can do anything for 8 weeks, right!)

BIBLE STUDY:   we will be using a resource done by Good Morning Girls (an online Bible study group) called LIVING LIKE JESUS: Leaving our Comforts & Walking in Faith.  It will cover Luke 1-8.  (see the link below).  In this study we will follow a reading guide through the Scriptures in Luke.  Then we will use the SOAP format to dig a little deeper & respond to the passage that day.  If this is new to you, see below for the explanation.  If you want to just follow the study per your group leader's posts, then you don't need anything.  But  if you want the resource to print up or load to your Kindle or iBooks or other pdf apps, then click here to download the study.  
CHOOSE YOUR GROUP: (register below)
  • EMAIL COMMUNITY GROUP (if you are still interested) will continue a TUES & THURS format
  • Facebook group for WCWConnect is a DAILY conversation 

See you Monday, January 14th! (all groups will post early in the mornings but you join in the conversation at a time that you can commit to!)

Let me leave you with one thought.

Perfection Isn’t The Goal, Faithfulness Is.

written by Angela Smith for WCWConnect blog post New Habits for a New Year.


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