Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Fall Session 2012

· Registration Oct. 22-27, 2012
· 5 Week Series on FAMILY
· Oct. 29-Dec. 6 (no meet ups Thanksgiving week)

How do Online Community Groups work?
  • Groups meet via private FACEBOOK groups or EMAIL groups.  (instructions will be in welcome email).
  • Each ‘meet up’ will have a ‘check-in’ post with greeting from Group Leader & the question(s) or Bible verses to be discussed.
  • You ‘join the conversation’ by commenting under the ‘check-in’ post throughout the day(s) prior to the next ‘meet up’.
How often do will groups ‘meet’? 
  • Groups will meet Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Groups can continue the conversation throughout the week as they choose.
What will the family topics be about?

  • Solving the power struggle in the family
  • Working through Conflict
  • Starting the Reconcilliation Process 
  • Parenting--Learn from a family
  • The Family Echo
How many are in each group?
  • Groups will have a maximum of 15 people but a minimum of 6.
  • IF your @ONE table wants to form your own OCG, please email us the names of your group members to womenconnectingwomen@gmail.com
Can I still get the Family Series info without being in an OCG?
  • The Family Series blog posts will be posted every FRIDAY during the series.  You will have access to all the same great resources and the discussion questions will be included in these posts.
  • HOWEVER, you will miss out on the opportunity to learn from others in a group and make relationships that will cheer you on in your own journey! So please consider trying out a OCG for just 5 weeks!


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