Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are You Ready?

School is out.  Summer has officially started.  
And at Christian Life Church that means one thing.  

Are YOU ready?  

  • for a life-changing encounter with God  
  • to receive new understanding and direction for your life
  • to have those old wounds healed forever
  • to build an altar in your life like Pastor Stephen preached

June 10th-13th are four days and nights (9 services) designed just for that!  We, as a church family, give God extended time to speak into our lives and prepare us for the next "leg of the journey."  Encountering God's Presence through dynamic worship, lively preaching from God's Word, and personal altar ministry is nothing short of life-changing! 

RT Kendall, Jack Taylor & Charles Carrin are dynamic preachers of the Bible that God has used in powerful ways across the globe for the past 50 years!  Each one is a true mentor of the faith through their stories and books of how they live Biblical truths in every day life.  

AND Kids ABLAZE is coming to do a powerful week of ministry to our kids too!  (ages 5-11--morning & evening)  This is basically our version of VBS--except kicked up quite a few notches! 


Sunday, June 10th          9:00am, 11:00am & 6:00pm
Monday, June 11th        10:00am & 7:00pm
Tuesday, June 12th       10:00am & 7:00pm
Wednesday, June 13th  10:00am & 7:00pm


I lovingly refer to the WSP Conference as Adult Church Camp!  You see, I am one of those kids whose life was forever changed at Youth Camp!  At only 13 years of age, God gave my life divine purpose, healed me from many life-wounds, and even called me into full-time ministry! (Since I only knew men to be in ministry, I asked God if He meant my twin brother! {wink} But He assured me He had not made a mistake!)  That camp in south Texas set me on course for these past 25 years of life, ministry, marriage and parenting!!  
In the same way, God has done life-changing things in me every year of WSP Conference!  Last year, God used Kids ABLAZE to call my son to do kids ministry when he becomes a teenager!  


  • Ask God how often you should come.  Some people can only come to the 7:00pm services but others take long lunch breaks to attend 10:00am services too.  Still others take vacation time and literally turn aside from life for these four days!   He knows how much refreshing and restoration you need.  Don't feel pressured by others but rather be led by the Holy Spirit!  
  • Prepare ahead of time.  
    • Plan what clothes you (& kids) will wear. On Saturday I have my laundry & ironing session. 
    • Plan meals for the week.  The crockpot is my best friend but I also cook a few things ahead of time too.  I even portion out "grab & go" snack bags for my kids since the nights can go late!  
  • Arrive each service ready to receive, not to critique.    Many times God's most lasting work in our lives comes through people we don't know & in ways we don't expect!  
  • Give God your time, energy & attention these 4 days.  As Pastor Stephen says, "coming late & leaving early will leave you missing what God has for you"!  I have to turn my smartphone off and determine that no news or media will invade my "now moments" with the Holy Spirit!  

So, now that you have all of this information, let me tell you one more thing!  
I am praying for you!  I know that this week might be a fight from devil.  BUT GOD has already defeated him-- he just hopes you can't see the scoreboard!

Please leave a comment so I can pray for you by name and/or tell me your WSP Conference story!  

Cheering you on,
Angela Smith
Director of WCW


Jen Baierl said...

I have such excitement when I think of WSP. I have had it in my calendar & have already started praying for what God will do in mine & my kids lives. I had the opportunity to talk with R.T. last year & tell him what an impact his teachings have had on my life. He cried in my presence & hugged me. I was so humbled & it made him so real. These men love us dearly & are so anointed. I am so excited. I asked my boss about taking an early lunch those days & she said that we'd play it by ear. I'm praying.

Loreleinsc said...

I think my first one was five years ago, and every one of them have been some of the most incredible encounters with God! This year snuck up on me so THANK YOU for posting this! I'll have to see about getting there. I pray that God will move and touch the hearts of every person in attendance. That He show His miracles to every man and woman, and make a believer out of the skeptical mind.

Miss you all so very much! Love Lorelei

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